Elite Force Gear Customer Reviews

Best Sandbag Ever!

I've worked with a number of different sandbag brands but have never found one as perfect as Elite Force Gear sandbags, so much so that I now own two EFG sandbags and plan to purchase more in the future for different purposes and as gifts. The material is incredible durable while also looking stylish. I've dragged it, tossed it, rolled it, you name it, and all it needs is a brush off from dirt. The versatile handles are priceless, allowing the bag to be used for endless possibilities, moves, and hand positions. Of all the great aspects, my favorite is the filling. Rather than being filled with leaky and unadjustable sand, or with 10lbs sand bricks, it's filled with varying sizes of miniature sandbags, so not only is there way more flexibility in how much weight you subtract or add (5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, etc), but the bags themselves can be used for additional purposes, replacing dumbbells with mini sandbags for lateral raises and more. I've yet to see a bag from another company that offers that. To top it all off, the sandbags come prefilled so no more running to Lowes to buy 50lbs + bags of sand and trying to fill and weigh all the sand yourself. Everything comes prefilled and preweighed. I can't say enough amazing things about EFG sandbags. This particular bag was my first purchase from EFG and has made me a top fan of their products!

Dec 26, 2021

Durability, versatility... my absolute go to for training!

I have been a user of EFG bags from the beginning. They are my favorite piece of training kit I use. Fully built in Canada with quality that is second to none. I have and still use my first bag purchased 6+ years ago, virtually indestructible. No messy sand in the home gym. I have travelled with my bag for work outs on the road and love the fact that I can also ruck with it as well. I don't have a training routine, as there is nothing routine about the bag. No one work out has to be the same as the next, there are hundreds of exercises to choose from, limited only by your ability and imagination. I can't say enough about this excellent product.

The only bag you should be using for Sandbag Training

There are plenty of options for sandbags out there. However, I was unable to find a single one which came pre-filled besides this one. The last thing you want to do is have sand all over your floors during a workout.

Been using this for a few days now. This thing is heavy as hell! There is a massive difference between picking up a 60lb dumbbell and a 60lb sandbag. Even if adjusted for lesser weight, this bag will challenge you over and over again and add quality variety to your workouts.

The bag itself is military grade. The stitching and handles are all tight. The bags of weight and the bag are made of a thick nylon which will easily handle all sorts of drops and slams. A bonus is that the weight bags are sewn shut.

This is a high-quality product. No filling the bags yourself and worrying about spills. No worrying about the handles snapping in half. If you're going to get into sandbag training, make sure you grab this bag.

*Made in Canada too!


This thing is the BEST. I’ve been using it indoors and outdoors, putting it through some serious work in sand, grass, woodchip surfaces, concrete, asphalt, and not a scratch. Only bag that comes pre-filled which is a HUGE plus. You can take the inserts out to change the weight or use them for other exercises. I’d buy another one today if they made a heavier model. I’d love a 100 pounder. The different handles allow for just about any exercise you can imagine and they’re super comfortable. It also shipped quite fast. Can’t recommend it enough. Thanks, EFG.


I bought The Beast so I could train during quarantine and it was the best decision I have ever made. It is easily the best money I've ever spent on fitness. The construction of the bag is second to none, I have been lifting, dropping, throwing, and dragging this bag all over the place and it is still in perfect condition. The size and weight are ideal, adjusting to the weight I want for the day, throwing the bag over my shoulders and rucking to the park so I can lift is the best part of my day. Really, if you are thinking about getting it, you should get it.

Incredible quality product and versatile

I purchased one a while back before they were even on amazon. Digital camo looks so cool. The added handles give it a lot of versatility. I've had it for about 2 years now and no tears, no holes, no puffs of dust from the rock inside. Incredible quality product.


Bought this bag at a Spartan Race as another training tool... and all I can say is WOW!! This bag is awesome, it's super heavy duty and has withstood hours of indoor and outdoor training in everything from sun, rain, and snow and it still looks like I just bought it!! The weight bags with pea gravel are amazing because they don't pack down like sand does. Right now it's an amazing training partner do to everything being shutdown due to COVID-19. I can't recommend it enough, it's survived a year of hard and intense workouts and still looks like new; definitely going to be getting a Beast to ramp the training up even further.


By far the best piece of training equipment I've ever owned! I've been using this bag for over two years and putting it through the harshest conditions (even dragging it around for 400m run intervals), and it still looks as good as new! Not a single tear despite thousands of reps tossing it around, mostly outdoors, and during all seasons. With other sandbags I've had issues with weight shifting or leakage, but no issues AT ALL with this one. I highly recommend this sandbag if you want a versatile training tool that is built to last!


Excellent product. Locally hand made. Couldn't be happier with the product.

This thing made to last!

I’ve had this thing for the past few weeks but didn’t want to share until I had really tested it, taken it in and outdoors, thrown it into numerous workouts and movements.

First thoughts:

This bag is made of military SPEC materials. The straps and handles are solid but move without wear giving no stress to your hands or wrists and no weird scrapes or bruises.

Internally it’s pre-filled with 5, 10 and 15lb tumbled gravel inserts which have two lines of double stitching. No dust, no refilling, and no compacting. This bag forms around you well with you lift it.Added Features of the X-Trainer came with a strapping system to make it into a backpack! I’ve added it to a few hikes and workouts just like this for some extra weight that sits comfortably. The handles are all in great positions for all types of lifts without being in the way of others.Overall, I am so happy I found this new sandbag! I was happy to see that this Canadian Company had really thought of all the issues related to a workout sandbag and directly made them better!It’s a great tool to add variations to regular lifts along with some added weight to my hill sessions.

They also have a 120lb bag! Continuing to brainstorm and try new moves I’m sure you’ll see a few added to Weapon Factory as well!  Looking forward to a few heavy carries soon.

The Elite Force Gear Sandbag is one of my favourite training tools

During last years OCR season, my training was mainly running and carrying heavy things. For my mountain runs, I would take the Elite Force Sandbag with me and carry it up and down the mountain a couple of times. The handles make it easy to hold onto. I am even more excited to incorporate this sandbag into my years training program. I have recently incorporated cleans, deadlifts and squats into my training.

Best thing about the X-Trainer model sandbag, is that it comes with straps. So, if you aren’t ready to carry the bag on your shoulders, you can hook the straps on the bag and use it as a ruck bag.

Bottom line, this sandbag is a versatile training tool. I continue to find new ways to incorporate the Elite Force Gear Sandbag into my training.

I absolutely loved using the bag for the first time!

Here’s my first impression:

Loved the look and appears to be very rugged/durable compared to the previous bags I’ve used. It’s also weighted very nicely and doesn’t shift around during tilting/tossing. 60 Lbs is a perfect weight as well, especially for OCR specific training. So far, I can honestly say this is the best sandbag I have ever used!!  Glad to know it’s a Canadian made product too.

I haven’t even gotten to use the rucksack feature yet, which I think will be great for weighted pull ups, dips, bear crawls, stairs, push ups, etc.

And the Camo and EFG logo looks slick.

Elite Force Gear as put out and epic new product!

My sandbag has the versatility and functionality to maximize my workout time. As a working mother of two young kids, my time is limited! I love hiking with my bag and using it at home in any room to do bicep curls, squats, arm presses and more. It’s also easy for me to take traveling, so I have no excuses not to get fit!


If you're familiar with EFG's bags, you'll know that their products are pure quality.The Beast is no exception. After 2 weeks of work with this,I'm glad I made the Beast part of my home gym. So far, I've been using this for rows,cleans,squats,getups and carries over the back or shoulders. Rucking outside with this is perfect given the length of the bag. The Wrecker and The Beast have both added a vital component to my training. Having the option to use both bags because of the weight ranges only adds to the variety you'll get in sandbag training. This is a solidly built piece of equipment which will challenge you again and again. A 90lb or 120lb bag never becomes easy to lift.Highly recommended.

You have a customer for life!

The customer service is by far some of the best I've ever received. When I had questions about ANYTHING, they were quick to reply. The quality of the product is amazing. My husband was so surprised with his Christmas gift and so pleased! I am more than happy to support a smaller company when I receive this kind of treatment and products! Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You have a customer for life!

Fascinating product!

Wow! Elite Force Gear just happened to come across my fB and I looked into it. First, fascinating product given the expense of dumbbells and other standard weights. And while I had questions, I picked up the phone and dialed expecting a service to answer my - very likely - FAQs. The good news; the owners of Elite Force Gear answered the phone and conversed with me! They answered al of my fitness questions, educated me on sandbag workouts which enhance your stationary dumbbell workouts, and most important - provided excellent customer service! I immediately ordered the “Wrecker” bag and am excited to start working out again given COVID-19 has shutdown EVERYTHING! More importantly, I am supporting local business in Canada during these trying times - even though they are in BC LOL! Super excited to get started! Thanks again Elite Force Gear!

The bag is great quality and awesome to work with

First off - the most amazing customer service! The bag is great quality and awesome to work with, however, the customer service is what makes this even better. I had an issue with my harness, and the problem was rectified easily and without any hassle whatsoever.


I've trained with these bags for years at the gym. With the gyms being closed now due to COVID-19 it was a no brainer to buy my own bag to keep training at home. These bags are versatile and provide a great full body workout. Elite Force Gear bags are THE number one bag out there for quality of construction. They are all hand made with care and attention. I highly recommend this bag!


Very good product. Love it. Good for home work out. Another 31day challenge here I come.


In addition to being the perfect workout companion, the build quality is amazing and I love that this Made in Canada product shipped filled with sand. Yes, that's right - no messing around with rigging your own filler bags. I couldn't be any happier with this product. I truly hope your business is going well.


You will not find another sandbag out there that can measure up to the quality of this one! You will spend less - actually no time worrying about the mess from sand spilling all over your floors and more time getting the most out of your workouts. Thanks Elite Force Gear for making this bag available on Amazon!


My boyfriend (and I) had wanted one of these for some time so I decided to order something for his birthday. I spent a good deal of time looking at different options and reviews, but I am super happy with my decision to go with EFG. The reviews here and on their website were really helpful, and while we haven't owned it long I trust it will have a long life! We bought the 60lbs bag, and upon inspection it's super well built and durable - inside and out. The pre-filled and labelled sand bags are super convenient so that we can both use the bag with easy adjustment. Super impressed with the product and service. Better half wants the bigger bag as well so I plan to make another purchase in the future.

Great quality product

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