The #1 Rated Training Sandbag for Quality, Versatility, Functionality and Durability

"These are the best training sandbags on the market for both residential and commercial usage. Supreme durability and versatility make this product an absolute beast for metabolic conditioning. Elite Force Gear bags can even stand up to the abuse seen in Crossfit gyms and group training environments."

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Why is Elite Force Gear different?

You may be asking yourself...

“Why is Elite Force Gear different?”, “What makes Elite Force Gear the best fitness training equipment on the market?” and “Why should I invest my money in an Elite Force Gear training sandbag or Weight vest”?

The answer is simply...

Elite Force Gear has redesigned sandbags and Weighted vests and redefined sandbag training and weight vest training. When you Choose Elite Force Gear you get the very best in Design, Quality, Versatility, Functionality and Durability of any sandbag on the market, Period!

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In addition to being the perfect workout companion, the build quality is amazing and I love that this Made in Canada product shipped filled with sand. Yes, that's right - no messing around with rigging your own filler bags. I couldn't be any happier with this product. I truly hope your business is going well.

I've trained with these bags for years at the gym. With the gyms being closed now due to COVID-19 it was a no brainer to buy my own bag to keep training at home. These bags are versatile and provide a great full body workout. Elite Force Gear bags are THE number one bag out there for quality of construction. They are all hand made with care and attention. I highly recommend this bag!

My sandbag has the versatility and functionality to maximize my workout time. As a working mother of two young kids, my time is limited! I love hiking with my bag and using it at home in any room to do bicep curls, squats, arm presses and more. It’s also easy for me to take traveling, so I have no excuses not to get fit!

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