The ELITE FORCE GEAR™ 50lb Weight Vest is evenly balanced, front and back, ensuring safe and effective workouts.  The EFG™ 50lb Weight Vest comes fully weighted with EFG 2.5lb Canadian sourced iron weights, which are evenly distributed on the front and back, in four secure PODS of 5 individual pockets.  The 2.5lb EFG™ weight bars are easy to add or remove, making the process of gradual intensity resistance easy.  The ELITE FORCE GEAR™ 50lb Weight Vest is suitable for physical training and is ideal for advanced higher intensity workouts. 

ELITE FORCE GEAR™ uses Military-Spec 1000D nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating, heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, Velcro and Tex 70 bonded nylon thread.  The vests are heavily reinforced with double stitching to give you the confidence your EFG™ 50lb Weight Vest will last!  The EFG™ streamlined functional body design is comfortable to wear, stays centered on your body and will not shift during your workouts. 

ELITE FORCE GEAR™ Weight Vests are designed with a proprietary, unique Quick Release System (QRS), which incorporates Military GT Cobra Quick Release Buckles on the shoulder straps and Dual Quick Release Buckles on the waist belts allowing you to drop the vest quickly in case of an emergency.  It also makes the vest easier to put on and take off.